Top 10 must have Smartphone Car Apps

April 11, 2014

Top 10 must have smartphone car apps Smartphones have changed so many aspects of our lives that, for many people, it’s tough to remember life without them. They’ve made it easy to take photos, look up information, get directions, order food and do many, many other things, all from one small device.test blog

There are even apps that are helpful for motorists. These car apps can make life easier. However, it’s important to remember that using your phone while driving is very dangerous and, in many places, against the law.

You should never use any features of your phone while driving. Doing so can distract you from the road. That being said, here are the top car apps that you may want to try out!

Gas Buddy (iOS & Android) This app is for checking gas prices in your area.

Rather than driving around looking for the cheapest gas station, simply open up GasBuddy on your phone, find the lowest price near you, then jump in the car and drive there!

Repair Pal (iOS & Android)

Repair Pal helps you estimate the costs of auto repairs. It saves you the hassle of contacting several different mechanics to get a quote.

Witness Driving (iOS & Android)

This app turns your phone into a dash cam, allowing you to record the road in front of you. It also logs the time, date, speed and location of your vehicle.

PlugShare (iOS & Android)

PlugShare is great for anyone who drives a plug-in electric vehicle or hybrid. It helps you find the closest charging station for your car.

Augmented Driving (iOS)

This app brings extra features to older cars that don’t have them. Augmented Driving provides front collision and lane departure warnings as well as programmable speed warnings when it’s mounted on your windshield.

Car Minder Plus (iOS)

Do you frequently lose track of your car’s maintenance schedule? With Car Minder Plus, you won’t have that problem anymore. This app lets you log all maintenance and it reminds you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance.

Dynolicious Classic (iOS)

This app uses your phone’s accelerometer to measure your vehicle’s acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral Gs and other performance metrics. It saves this information, which makes it easy to spot trends and analyze averages.

Waze (iOS & Android)

Waze, now owned by Google, uses user data to spot traffic jams, accidents and keep track of gas prices in real time. It will also provide you with alternate routes when there are delays. With the purchase of Waze by Google, some of these features are now being integrated into Google Maps.

Honk (iOS)

With Honk, you’ll never forget where you parked. You can use this app to mark the location of your car on a map as well as to take notes and photos of the location so that you can easily find your vehicle later on. It can also track how much time you have left on the parking meter and send you an alert when you’re running out of time.

Real Racing 3 (iOS & Android)

This one doesn’t actually help you drive, but it’s a fun game to play when you have some downtime. Enjoy!