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Driving Safely In The Summer

Let’s drive safely in this summer! Summer is the season for taking your car on the road. But you’ll find increased traffic on those roads, including both locals and tourists. Taking extra care to drive safely will help you get through the summer accident-free.  Here are some tips on how to do… Continue reading


Taking care of your Car Brakes

How to take care of your car brakes? The braking system is your car’s most important safety feature. Just as brakes aren’t optional equipment, neither should their proper maintenance be optional. The brakes on your car should be checked at least every 20,000 km, or once a year, or whenever… Continue reading


Appearance Matters: How to Inspect Your Car’s Interior and Exterior

How to Inspect Your Car’s Interior and Exterior When you’re looking to buy a previously-owned car, the appearance of the vehicle can be a great indicator as to what’s happened to that car during its lifetime. It’s important that as a potential buyer, you examine all aspects of the car… Continue reading