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Avoiding Curbsiders

Avoiding Curbsiders The majority of used cars in Ontario are sold privately by individuals. Most of these transactions are lawful and legitimate. But if you’re shopping for a used car, be careful to avoid being duped by a curbsider. The curbsider sells from his home rather than from a dealership,… Continue reading


Car Repair by the Dealer or by an Independent Shop?

Repair by the dealer or by an independent shop? Conventional wisdom has it that an independent repair shop is a better bet than a dealership for having your car repaired, but that’s not as true today as it used to be. Dealerships are making a vigorous effort to draw customers… Continue reading


Getting an Auto Tune-up

Auto Tune-up Like any other complex machine, a vehicle needs preventative maintenance if it is to run well and for the maximum number of years. A tune-up is a regularly scheduled appointment, usually once a year, to do all of the necessary preventative maintenance. Most car owners take their vehicle… Continue reading


Whether to Buy an Extended Car Warranty

Extended Car Warranty Deciding on whether or not to buy an extended auto warranty can be a tough call. The auto manufacturer’s base warranty on a new vehicle is usually good for only the first three years of ownership, which means it will expire right when you’ve put some serious… Continue reading


Driving Safely at Night

Driving Safely at Night If you’re going to be on the road after sunset, keep in mind that driving at night presents unique challenges that are absent during the day. The field of vision in a person’s eye is much smaller and depth perception less reliable without the benefit of… Continue reading